Why not join us?

Visitors are welcome.

Visitors are welcome to attend. Feel free to contact us to arrange a guided tour, usually with a committee or senior member, or if he’s there at the time, our club secretary. You can find out all about the club and the various types of shooting we do, and get any questions answered.

Beginners nights.

Every couple of months we run try out nights for beginners who are interested in taking up shooting. We give you a tour, a safety presentation, and for £5 you can try out some shooting under the one-to-one guidance of a coach. After this you can take away membership forms and, providing there are no issues with your application, you can start as a probationary member. If all that's not enough, we also throw in coffee and biscuits!

Anyone wishing to join our club must complete an application form and include two passport style photographs.

After that you will then be offered the mandatory probationary period of six months membership. Once accepted as probationary members, you will be asked to attend the club regularly in order to comply with the rules of the club. You will be given supervision and training on the aspects of safety and gun handling for the extent of you're probationary period.

Once every new prospective member has been vetted and police checks completed on every applicant, you may be offered a full membership of the Club. Prospective members are reminded that full membership is not granted automatically, but is dependent on regular attendance during their mandatory six month probation period. Once all the checks and vetting have been carried out, you may be offered full membership.

Current fees are £75 per year for an individual or  £40 per year for juniors & Students.

If you have any questions about membership or for a membership form, please contact the club via the contact us page.

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